Bathing Beauty

Let's face it, I'm no longer in my 20's, I've had two kids and no matter how thin I am, I have no business rocking a two piece. So, what's a girl to do? Go retro! Here are my faves:

It's retro AND it's tie-die...Need I say more? Via Anthropologie.

Hello 70's! It's yellow, chevron and has a sexy cut. Calling all Farrah wannabes! Via Zappos.

Proof that you can find anything on Etsy! The generous cut hides a multitude of sins and it's made to order...yes please. Via Etsy shop One Avian Daemon.

I own this exact bathing suit. It fits like a dream and I get so many compliments on it. They have new styles for 2011 and I want one! Via Jantzen.

So what do you think? Would you rock retro?


Going French

It's not a hard decision. In fact, there are a number of reasons why going French is really a logical choice for me. I hate exercise, therefore I don't do it. I have a sick obsession with cool jazz (I named my son after Miles Davis and I literally own every recording the man has ever made). I love chocolate so I eat chocolate EVERY DAY, without compromise. And my philosophy with eating and weight loss is essentially, if the pants don't fit, go up a size. You always look good when you simply wear what fits.

All this being said, what really took me over the edge was this picture:

Francoise Hardy is a French singer and actress who originally made a name for herself in the 60s. Gorgeous, effortless and distinctly unaware of her beauty...or is she? Who wouldn't want that? And her voice is the icing on the cake. So, my quest begins and I've been picking up a few french inspired images to set me on my way.

Quintessential french...striped shirt with a pop of color from Zara.

Miles Davis playing with the Miles Davis Quintet in 1967. The french have always appreciated the power and significance of jazz music and supported many of its best during a time when African American artists, including Davis, weren't even aloud to use the rest room in the jazz clubs they were headlining in the United States. The man was (is) a genius, not to mention he's cool as hell. Listen...

The ultimate "American in Paris" to me is Nichole of the blog Little Brown Pen. She is hilarious (check out her Twitter feed here), laid-back and, along with her husband, a curator of french color stories. And they sell the images on Etsy!

Authentic, rustic french food in my hometown at The French Pantry. It's got limited hours and is on Powers Ave...you have to see it to believe it. DELICIOUS and incredible reviews on Urban Spoon...

So, whose with me?? I'll personally supply the wine...


Pin it Forward - What home means to me

Pin it Forward has made it over to my little blog today! I'm extremely excited to be using the great pinterest site to gather images that represent "what home means to me." You can follow all the pin it forward boards by clikcing here. If you want to view the schedule of when other bloggers will be posting, check out the schedule on Victoria's blog, sfgirlbybay!. Here's a little sample of what home means to me.

Top image of our small town square area in Atlantic Beach and bottom image is my daughter Mia learning to surf!  Right image pinned via etsy shop Tastes Orangey.

I live in Atlantic Beach, Florida and living at the beach is the best decision I've ever made. You slow down immediately and never forget to enjoy the your surroundings.When we moved from our 2200 square foot, four bedroom home to our 1150 square foot cottage, we had to downsize our possessions by more than 50%. Other than marrying my husband and having our kids, it's the best decision I've ever made.

Clockwise from left: Top image - The blue lamp (which was a flesh tone until I painted it) is mine and found in a thrift store and the George Nelson bachelor's chest I found in the same thrift store for $6.99!! I know, ridiculous. The orange dessert bowls and hobnob turquoise salt bowl hold my jewelry. Both were found at flea markets. The vintage school chairs are pinned from Etsy seller Accessories Addiction. The awesome spindle back chairs with turquoise vinyl seats were a recent score on Ebay.Four for $10...not kidding. (Did I mention I am a deal hunter too?). You can read about my vintage typewriter collection here. The typewriter is a pin from Etsy seller Joe Vintage.

I don't just like vintage things, it's pretty much a lifestyle choice for me. I collect vintage typewriters, scour thrift shops and flea markets and stalk ebay for great finds.My mother and grandmother used to drag me to garage sales and flea markets when I was a kid and I never realized what an incredible mark it made on me. I learned to value real craftmanship and the value of a dollar. Thanks Mom and Grandma!

Home is so many things to me, there's not enough room in a blog post to say it all. But when it really comes down to it, home is them. 

Check out the rest of my pins here. Thanks everyone for visiting, and don't forget to stop by another awesome Tiffany's great blog, Simply Modern Mom, tomorrow to see what home means to her!


Spring Color Inspiration - Purple

My last Spring color post is Purple and also happens to be my daughter Mia's favorite color.  In her opinion, it's a very spring pick.

An unapologetically girly room via Domino Mag.

A super stylish dark purple one-piece for beach parties and pool lounging via Anthropologie (and it's on sale!)

Handmade resin bangles in shades of purple, lavender and wine via Etsy seller, Resign

I don't usually consider purple a beach color, but the addition of these West Elm pillows in shades of gray and purple, specifically the tie dyed one, makes me think of driftwood and overcast days.


Around the Table

Just scored these four fun chairs for the dining table. Perfect color and small profile, combined with vinyl seats and a $10 price tag via ebay (no, that was not a misprint...I got all 4 chairs for $10) equals perfect family of four seating for our little beach house.
A little light restoration and  good waxing, and these will be good as new. There's nothing wrong with buying new, but when you can find unique pieces like this one second hand, why would you?


Pin It Forward

I'm easing myself back to blog land my friends. I'll have a post up on Friday and again at least three times next week. But I wanted to also let you know I'll be participating in the lovely Victoria of sfgirlbybay's awesome collabo with image bookmarking site, Pinterest called, Pin It Forward! My day isn't for a few weeks (June 11th to be exact), but you should really be following along via Victoria's schedule. So many of the posts have been truly beautiful and inspiring!


Spring Color Inspiration - Pink

Pink isn't my favorite color, but in shades of fuschia, and used as an accent against white like in this lovely room via Elle Decor, it gives life to simple sitting room.

A sweet little dress for spring,  Dynamite dress via Mod Cloth.

The very soft, feminine pink of this necklace easily compliments anyone's skin tone. Strawberry Cheesecake necklace via Anthropologie
Reminds me of sherbert, and would work really well in a little girl's nursery. Isabella Striped rug via Pottery Barn
Graphic, but because of the light pink and orange combo, super girly print of Audrey Hepburn via Etsy seller lake illustration


Etsy Faves - Tastes Orangey

During a random Etsy search using the word "Spring", I came across this stunning group of small, simple portraits by Etsy seller, tastes orangey. Artist, Clare Elsaesser, describes herself in her profile as loving to "...draw people with wild hair." How can you not love an artist with that kind if inspiration.

A little bit haunting and incredibly close to how I see myself in relation to the ocean, these images really inspire me. Maybe it's my year of beach living that makes them so appealing to me or the way the stitching around the edges gives them warmth...but I really, really, really love them. Check out Clare's work on Etsy!